Ferran Moreno

Body Engineering.

Ferran was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain). Following an injury for seven years, he became interested in the human body and this caused a shift in his life. He left his job and decided to pursue his true aspirations: to study how the body works and to get to know how emotions and physical pain are interrelated. Most importantly, he wanted to know how to return the body to its natural flow and balance.

I believe that every individual is already as powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality they desire without having to hurt anybody else or themselves in order to create it.

—Ferran Moreno

For over 10 years he has been training with the best professionals of different disciplines such as Rolfing™ Structural Integration, acupuncture, osteopathy, movement techniques and nutrition. With this knowledge, Ferran is able to determine what each person needs to know, and the best way to solve any imbalance which has occurred in the body.


His curiosity led him to travel around the world, to continue to acquire knowledge and to develop, even further as a therapist. Ferran has studied and traveled in France, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Mexico and the United States, where he lived experiences that he now applies in his therapy. He has known and treated hundreds of people, helping them to regain their natural balance and vital energy.

Ferran has taken multiple courses in different parts of the world and has participated in sessions with personal trainers, Rolfers™, chiropractors, coaches, psychologists, yoga teachers, of Gyrotonic® and Pilates, martial artists, doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists etc. The combination of these disciplines has provided him with great knowledge about the human body and movement.

Thanks to his experience, the people he has met, and his natural talent, he has created and developed his own method combining different disciplines, selecting and blending those which are most effective. Ferran is currently living in Barcelona (Spain), where he has his own private practice where he offers treatments one to one and Online coaching.

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Finding your balance

Ferran offers to guide you through a process to align with yourself and to find a better balance. In the progression of sessions that he does, the emotional, physical and energetic structures of problems are always addressed.

If you have an imbalance in your system and the root of the imbalance, energetically or emotionally has not been corrected, it will come back no matter what it is done. You will embody new feelings and sensations in yourself and you will feel the difference in your daily life.

Roots in Rolfing™

Each person has a natural alignment, which involves a more fluid interaction between gravity and us. When this alignment is lost due to external influences, internal stress is caused, which creates real discomfort. To prevent or correct this misalignment, the discomfort is eliminated or limited.

Rolfing™ method of Structural Integration (SI)  is a method that he has been practicing for many years (2007 to 2015). The sessions aim to increase the mental and physical wellbeing of the person. Now he takes the best of Structural Integration and he combines it in his own method.

Tailor-made programs

Ferran has defined his own method aligning the body structurally and restoring its natural mobility and integrating the consciousness within us.

He applies his personalised method depending on the need of each individual. The goal is for each person to regain their balance, to be aware of their own body, and to be independent, learning how to maintain good health without the need of a therapist. In his therapies, Ferran implements the union of body, mind and movement as a single concept. He begins with a basic principle: the body can heal itself.


I believe you can cross your  limits with the proper method, consistency and quality work.

—Ferran Moreno

High-Performance Program 

All bodies have hidden limits that may never be expressed during their life time.

Some people’s goal is to go beyond their limits. To do it one time you need good luck, but to sustain it means creating new limits. To achieve that you need a real strategy.

For these people he has developed a personal high performance program which involves Life coaching, movement and Stress Management tailor-made for your specific goals.


What people say about working with Ferran.

I have walked an intense way, very deep, and in a short time. A way that was needed to keep developing and achieving my dreams and goals. When people ask me to explain how Ferran works, I can only reply: he works by aligning your body and inner energy.


Gina Badenoch


I think and feel that Ferran’s work is amazing, it’s very important in the world in which we live. Ferran begins with the detection of a problem, or the need for each person to find a solution to their problem, either mental, emotional or physical pain, sadness, etc. It is surprising how you can feel the love and dedication he puts into what he does. Ferran has my admiration and respect.


Melissa Wang


To try to define Ferran’s work in words is really difficult. It is a mixture of many things; magic and science, psychology and art, of knowing, listening and feeling, and to me, most importantly, it’s a natural talent. Crossing paths has been one of the best experiences of my life. Amazing professional, huge as a person and a great friend today :)


Plácido Salazar


After the first session, important changes happened, both in myself and around me. In the second session, I regained the ability to breathe deeply. I’ve been asthmatic since I was born, and he managed to help me breathe as I had never before in my life. Also, he got my back to stay straight, at the end of the session, I took a photo, and what I saw was a miracle. I’m a very tall woman and throughout my life, I have adopted a stooped posture from the anxiety of being too tall. Suddenly I was standing upright and with the ideal position. I regained my balance again.




I’ve stopped trying to understand if he corrects the physical part, harmonising emotions, or balances the emotions, causing an alignment within the body. What is impressive is to notice and experience the best version of yourself, updated with each session. It’s the most liberating thing I’ve ever experienced. The absolute tranquility of feeling you are in the best hands, in the hands of a wise and old soul in a young body.


Silvia Pardo


I have to say to Ferran, thanks for teaching me to walk without dragging my feet. The experience in the process is amazing, but even more so, to experience a change in your body, your feelings and your emotions. I was unable to do anything, I did not want to do anything, and in just one session with Ferran, I felt the energy that I needed. My legs are free, my arms are free, my back is free, and my soul is calm.



Ferran Moreno

Multidisciplinary therapist

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